how much are taxi drivers paid

How Much Are Taxi Drivers Paid 2021

 how much are taxi drivers paid


How Much are taxi drivers paid?

If you’re looking at becoming a taxi driver and wondering how much are taxi drivers paid? then read on and find out all you need to know. The business of taxi driving involves the delivery of tailored transportation, carrying people from one place to another.

It is said that as a taxi driver all you are required to know is how to find your way around a city and be able to drive a car. Be that as it may, it is the only means of localized transportation that operates 24 hours a day, with individually arranged and flexible origins and destinations. As a result, the work environment in which taxi drivers operate can be considered to be dynamic, fluid, and ever-changing.

As a form of personal transport, taxi drivers meet an incredibly vast array of people. It is an occupation in which an individual is constantly on the move, operating alone with strangers, and in areas that can quite often be unfamiliar, presenting an image of a dynamic work environment.

Stakeholders described pay as low for some drivers, and sometimes inadequate to meet running costs for the driver’s vehicle and provide a livelihood for them and their families. Drivers are in a distinctive position, compared to many other occupations, in that there is a weak and inconsistent relationship between hours worked and pay received, affected by both the number and length of journeys during any given period of work.

how much are taxi drivers paid

Private hire operators were reported to use a range of different charging models, creating further variations in the relationship between time and pay. Drivers’ organizations emphasized the significant running costs, including the vehicle, maintenance, tax, insurance, and fuel, all of which are the sole responsibility of drivers

Taxi drivers are paid in a variety of ways, but the majority of the time, they work as independent contractors. This means that every dollar paid by the passenger to the driver is returned to the driver (tip and fare). The driver pays a fixed fee to the cab company each day, shift, or whatever time period is set up.

Employees with Taxi Driver in their job title in London, England: London earn an average of 24.6% more than the national average. The lowest salaries can be found in Glasgow, Scotland: Glasgow (18.9% less) and Manchester, England: Manchester (4.2% less).

In the United Kingdom, the average taxi driver earns between £20,000 and £30,000 per year. The average hourly rate for a UK-based taxi driver is between £9 and £15 per hour, with rates frequently rising to £18-£25 during peak periods such as bank holidays and Saturday evenings.

The amount a taxi driver earns is naturally determined by a variety of factors, including the number of hours worked, the region in which they operate, and where they get the majority of their work (employer, mobile app, roadside hail downs, etc.). This article will delve into the earnings of British taxi drivers and break down salaries, tips, working hours, and other factors.

Their actual take-home pay will also differ depending on the type of driver. Some cabbies are employed full-time by a company and may even be provided with a vehicle. As an employee, the company will often cover costs such as insurance and fuel, allowing these drivers to keep a comparatively large portion of their earnings.

The majority of drivers are self-employed and may offer their services through local taxi companies or mobile apps such as Uber or Bolt. Drivers will almost certainly be expected to provide their own insurance and cover their own fuel costs in these cases, which can have a significant impact on their net income.

These drivers, on the other hand, retain the freedom to work for whoever they want, whenever they want and may end up earning more on a daily/weekly basis than a driver who is fully employed by one firm.


Do Taxi Drivers pay for their own petrol/gas?

Many taxi drivers are required to pay for their own gasoline or gas. The policy of the company for which they work determines whether or not they are required to do so. While some companies will cover the costs of things like gasoline or vehicle maintenance, many drivers are self-employed and must cover their own expenses.

If they’re driving for an app like Uber, they’ll have to pay for their own fuel—a cost that many new drivers overlook, as busy weeks can easily see them spending more than £100 on petrol or diesel.

how much are taxi drivers paid

How much do London taxi drivers earn?

A London taxi driver will typically earn between £12 and £18 per hour. Because of the increased demand from the large and busy London population, as well as the higher costs of doing anything in the capital, London-based taxi drivers earn 20 percent -40 percent more than their counterparts outside of the capital.

Glassdoor estimates that drivers in the Greater London Area earn around £35,000 per year, which is 45 percent more than the average pay for taxi drivers in the UK. However, this could be due to London-based drivers working longer hours or taking advantage of London’s generous peak tariffs, resulting in them earning significantly more per hour than other drivers.

What does a Taxi Driver make in Belfast?

Taxi drivers in Belfast earn between £8 and £11 per hour. This is approximately 8% lower than the rest of the UK. A taxi driver’s annual salary in Belfast ranges between £18,000 and £20,000, implying that a typical working week for a cabbie in Belfast lasts between 30-45 hours.

How much do Taxi Drivers earn in Aberdeen?

Taxi drivers in Aberdeen earn between £8 and £11 per hour. They will earn between £950 and £1,200 per month as a taxi driver, implying that their average working week will last between 25 and 40 hours. Drivers in Aberdeen earn significantly less than their Glasgow counterparts, who earn over £600 more per month on average.

How much do Taxi Drivers earn in Manchester UK

Taxi drivers in Manchester earn between £1,400 and £1,600 per month on average. Their hourly rate ranges between £10 and £14, depending on the number of journeys and distances travelled. Drivers in Manchester typically earn less than their counterparts elsewhere in the UK, with earnings falling short of those found in comparable cities such as London, Newcastle, and Birmingham.

how much do taxi drivers make

What does a Private Hire Taxi Driver make?

Private hire drivers in the United Kingdom earn between £9 and £20 per hour. The amount they earn on any given day will, of course, be determined by the type of work they do and how busy they are. Some executive/luxury private hire drivers in the UK can easily earn more than £20 per hour, whereas drivers for private hire apps like Uber are more likely to be found at the lower end of the scale, often earning less than £10 per hour.

how much are taxi drivers paid

Implications of Supreme Court’s judgment for Uber drivers

In February 2021, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision confirming that Uber drivers are “workers” rather than self-employed. This case started in 2016 when Uber drivers filed a claim with the Employment Tribunal (ET) about their employment status.

Uber claimed that the drivers were independent contractors, but the Employment Tribunal disagreed, ruling that they were “workers” under employment law. The implications of this decision for Uber drivers are that they will be able to claim back pay for holiday pay and national minimum wage for at least two years. Statutory payments, such as statutory maternity pay or statutory sick pay, can be claimed for up to two years.

As a result, Uber paid a high price for this decision. Since the ruling, Uber has confirmed that its drivers will be treated as employees and compensated accordingly which is a huge win for taxi drivers.

how much are taxi drivers paid

The Court also confirmed that the drivers were working not only when driving passengers to their destinations, but also when the app was turned on and they were waiting to accept passenger journey requests. As a result, their working hours are longer.

Taxicab drivers who use their own vehicles for work must perform basic preventive maintenance and cleaning chores for their cab, but not having to pay a lease fee means you can earn significantly more money. All cabs are required by law to keep track of fares, the number of passengers, mileage, and hours driven, but this is much easier now than it used to be due to the prevalence of the Internet and electronic databases. Whether you work as an independent taxi service provider or for a private company, knowing how much a taxi driver makes is an important variable to consider before entering this industry.

To be a good taxi driver, you must consider the area or city you are driving in, as charging a higher price can result in more income but can also have a negative impact. People who live in affluent areas of the city can usually afford to pay more, whereas those who live in less affluent areas cannot.

As a result, in order to earn more money, taxi drivers must effectively determine the cost. And if you’ve decided to join this industry, learn the skills (other than driving) that we’ve mentioned to advance quickly in this field; otherwise, you could be stuck behind the wheel for decades. Thank you for reading our blog on how much do taxi drivers make, and please read our other detailed blogs including how much taxi drivers charge per mile, and all things concerned within the taxi industry.

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