How much do you tip a taxi driver

How much do you tip a taxi driver?

The most commonly asked question by anyone reaching towards the end of their taxi ride is how much do you tip a taxi driver? Well, it’s an understandably confusing thing because you don’t know how much the other guy deserves or is expecting.

So to help you with that, we’ve discussed seven factors to consider when deciding how much to tip. We’ve also talked about how to calculate taxi fare so you can put aside tip money accordingly when leaving home. That said, let’s dive right in:

So, How Much Do You Tip a Taxi Driver?

Well, there’s no set rate for tipping; it depends on what your overall experience was with the service. But to help you understand how much do you tip a taxi in the U.K, we’ve laid out some guidelines. Have a look at them below:

how much to tip a taxi driver

  1. Do You Even Tip UK Taxi Drivers?

Yes, it is an established thing. Although it’s your choice, and no one can force you to tip if you don’t want to, doing so can encourage the drivers to go an extra mile (pun intended) with their service for every ride they get. This creates a good culture of giving a ‘bonus money’ to drivers that deserve it. However, find out how much does a taxi cost; if you have some spare money after that, you can use it to tip a deserving driver.

  1. Usual Tipping is At Least 10%:

The established tipping rate in the U.K is at least 10-15%, which is a handsome amount as a bonus. Anything less than 10% might not be very encouraging so try to give this much or more. For instance, if your fare from Portsmouth to London is £50, tip £5 on top of it at least.

Make sure to have the self-respect of the driver in mind because if you give out something like £0.50, which is not even a quid, it can be insulting. So if you don’t have some spare money that’s at least 10% of the total fare, don’t tip.

  1. Tip Extra for Luggage Unload:

Yes, it’s not the duty of the driver to load or unload your luggage; they’re bound to drive you around safely, nothing more or less. But if a driver is happily assisting you with the luggage, they deserve a good applaud in the form of some quid, don’t they?

So, if you already decided to give them 10% but then they help you with unloading the luggage, add some more, making it 15 to 20% would be ideal.

  1. Don’t Get the Change:

Most taxi drivers don’t carry spare change with them; they mostly have whole bills. So if let’s say your ride cost is £36 and 10% of that is £3.6, try to give them £4, so they don’t have to fumble around searching for some change.

Save your time and neglect a few extra pence; it won’t really make a big difference. Just don’t cut a few pence back, like from £3.6 to £3 – a little generosity goes a long way.

  1. Give the Tip As Per Ride Quality:

Remember we mentioned in the start, tipping depends on ride quality? Well, that’s the best metric to measure how much to give. You should carefully gauge the ride quality and tip accordingly. This is important because if the ride was poor, and you tip them, you’re just rewarding them for a bad experience. With that in mind, here are a few things to note:

  • Knowledge of Area: A professional taxi driver will be very familiar with the area he works in. He shouldn’t have to ask strangers for directions if you give him a clear street address. This will waste your time and may also result in a higher charge if the cab has a meter. But if the driver gets you straight to your mentioned address, the bloke deserves a good bonus.
  • Service Speed: Traffic jams are something no one can control. However, a professional driver can take you from alternate routes and save your time. If the driver takes unnecessary routes or dawdles to make the ride longer, you don’t have to tip them.
  • Professionalism: Taxi drivers deal with a lot of people on a daily basis, so they can easily get monotonous, which is understandable. However, if your driver is friendly, talkative (if you want him to), and is willing to help, he deserves a good tip – more than 10%.
  • Extras: If your driver is willing to guide you about the interesting points in an area you’re not familiar with or helping you with things like mobile charging in the car, a good tip will be a nice gesture from you.

Depending on how many of these factors you notice during your ride, you can decide the tip accordingly.

  1. Consider UBER Drivers as Well:

Yes, Uber can be expensive and, sometimes, very insensitive towards its customers. But if you had a good experience with the driver and the bloke was very pleasant to talk to, don’t punish him because of the company he’s working with. Try to tip him as well. However, don’t tip using the app as the company may cut commission from that too. Pay the tip in cash.

We hope you’ve got a good idea of how to calculate taxi fare with the addition of a tip. Be generous when the guy deserves a tip. Otherwise, you are not obligated to pay any extra money.

How Much Does a Taxi Cost? 5 Factors Affecting the Prices:

how much do you tip a taxi driver

You know how much to tip a taxi driver, so now you should also know how to calculate the taxi fare. Although you won’t do it yourself, knowing the factors behind it will help you decide how much money to take with you on your ride to be able to facilitate at least a 10% tip. So here a few common factors:

  • Distance: The most important part of fare calculation. This is where you need to figure out how much do taxi charge per mile and multiply that cost by the total distance in miles.
  • Area: Different regions have different taxi charges depending on what’s the norm there and how the economy is. For instance, Portsmouth will have less fare as compared to London.
  • Availability: If you’re working with a private hire taxi, availability is a big factor. If the company has most of its cars occupied, but you want to hire them anyway because of excellent service, you may have to pay a ‘surge price,’ which is 1.5 go 2.0x of the regular fare.
  • Time: Depending on what the clock’s showing, the fare can be more or high. For instance, in the morning, when roads are very busy, and everyone is running towards work or college, the price can be a little high.
  • Fuel Prices: Fuel prices keep fluctuating throughout the year. At the time of publishing this, the fuel is 2p per litre. If it goes up, the fare will go up; if it goes down, the fare will likely go down as well. But the changes in fuel prices are never too drastic so there won’t be a significant change in the taxi cost because of it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Calculate Taxi Fare?

There’s usually a meter on the cab that calculates the fare automatically depending on the distance covered and time taken to reach your destination.

How to Order a Taxi?

This depends on the type of service you’re going for. If it’s a regular roadside cab, you can just go over to them and talk out the specifics, and that’s it. However, with sophisticated private hire taxis like Zipcab, the process is more straightforward. You can either book the ride via the company’s mobile app or by going to their website right from your home’s comfort.

How Much Do Taxi Charge Per Mile?

This depends on the area you’re getting the service in and also the fuel price. If we talk about Portsmouth, then the current fare rate for 1km is £1.12, which is relatively lower than other nearby regions like London.

Is 10% Tip Too Low?

Well, that depends on what your overall cab experience was. If it was just okay, then 10% is perfectly fine. However, if the driver went above and beyond and helped you out with things like luggage, then paying a 15-20% tip will be good enough. And not just with cab, you can apply this rule to any other type of service in the U.K – the better the tip, the more percentage on top of basic 10%.

Parting Words:

Well, that’s a wrap! We hope by now you have a clear idea of how much do you tip a taxi, how much do taxi’s charge per mile and how to order a taxi service. These are all the things you need to know to ensure you hire a good cab service and pay the driver justly.



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