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Looking for a professional Portsmouth taxi service to quickly get to your desired location in and out of Pompey? Well, if you’re coming to the great waterfront city, going out, or moving in, we’ve got a guide that’ll help you get maximum value out of every penny you spend on the commute.

Make sure to read this detailed blog post till the very end to learn everything about Portsmouth taxi service, what kind of service you can expect and how to book the best one. That being said, let’s dive right in:

About Portsmouth:

Any type of guide to Portsmouth is incomplete without a brief overview of the myriad of attractions the city has to offer. Located at England’s south coast, this port city is known for its Historic Dockyard and maritime heritage. Portsmouth is definitely worth a visit, especially for those interested in waterfronts, which is why cruising and yachting are a big part of every tourist’s activities. Furthermore, for history buffs, Charles Dickens’ birthplace, Royal Armouries Fort Nelson, Millennium Promenade, and several museums will be a perfect treat. Please find links below to some of the city’s best attractions:

South Parade Pier 

Funfair And Arcades

Arcades And Funfair

Blue Reef Aquarium

Southsea Castle

Historic Dockyard

Gunwharf Quays Retail And Restaurants

Charles Dickens Birthplace

D-Day museum

Portsmouth is well-connected with some of the most popular cities of the U.K. It’s only 17mi away from Southampton, 42mi from Camberley, 66mi from London, and 81mi from Bristol, to name a few. Since it’s a port city, you’ll find plenty of ferries and boats to take you in and out of the city. However, if you’re not a fan of water transport or want to arrive at your location quickly – there’s always a taxi in Portsmouth like Zipcab to better facilitate your needs. For inter-city transport; a Portsmouth taxi service is always the best option.

Why Hire A Local Portsmouth Taxi Service?

There’s always a debate on whether to go for ridesharing like Uber taxi in Portsmouth or the local cabs, and the honest answer is ‘it depends.’ If you like more personalized service and affordable rates, hiring a taxi in Portsmouth UK is the right choice – here’s why:

  • Better Pricing: Since there’s no middle-man when hiring a local taxi in Portsmouth, you don’t have to pay anything extra. With ridesharing, the companies providing the platform to their drivers need their cut as well, so the cost can increase a little.
  • Reasonable Surge Pricing: Stemming from the last point, you’ll find Portsmouth taxi prices to be pretty stable, which is not the case with ridesharing companies. During their surge time when the demand is high; their prices increase, which can go up to 3.0x the regular rate. Our taxi service doesn’t follow the same pricing strategy, so you’ll get a steady rate no matter where you are in Portsmouth and prices will never go above 2.0x the normal rate.
  • Experienced Drivers: Since many college students or people with other jobs in day or night work with ridesharing companies as part-time to make some extra quid, they might not be very experienced. There’s always a safety risk with them, plus they might not be well aware of the routes like a seasoned taxi driver who’s been doing this for years.
  • Equally Equipped: Portsmouth taxi companies having their own cab platforms with websites, mobile apps and other equipment like Zipcab, will always be equally equipped as ridesharing companies. They will have an easy to use platform to book cabs from mobile, and the drivers will have GPS systems for easy navigation.

No doubt, ridesharing companies have made travelling easier in several ways. However, if you need better Portsmouth taxi prices and an experienced driver to take you through the streets – a local taxi takes the crown.

Some Popular Routes of Taxi in Portsmouth:

Local taxi in Portsmouth can take you anywhere you want in and out of the city, some of the most common and frequently travelled routes are:

Taxi from Portsmouth to Heathrow:

Taxi From Portsmouth To Heathrow Airport

The total distance between both is around 63mi – taking nearly 1 hour via the A3 route and 1 and a half hour via the M3. You can easily find a taxi from Portsmouth to Heathrow, and most of them will be more than happy to take you to your destination. Either

search ‘taxi to Heathrow near me’ on the internet or call Zipcab to book your ride quickly.

If you’re wondering ‘how much is a taxi to Heathrow?’ then it’s quite affordable, you can expect to pay anywhere from £65 – £90 depending on where you want to go in the destination area.

Taxi from Portsmouth to Gatwick:

Taxi From Portsmouth To Gatwick

Hiring a taxi from Portsmouth to Gatwick is a piece of cake, especially if you work with an established cab company like Zipcab. The distance between both is just 60mi and if the A27 route is taken – it’ll only take one hour for a cab to get you there.

You don’t even have to search ‘taxi to Gatwick near me’ on Google – just call Zipcab or use our mobile app and book a ride in minutes right from where you are.

Taxi From Portsmouth to Southampton:

Taxi From Portsmouth To Southampton 

It will take around 30 min to commute if you take a taxi from Portsmouth to Southampton. The distance is only 20mi via the M27 route.

Plus, you’ll pass through some beautiful lakes and rivers on your way, so make sure to take a peep out of the window every once in a while.

Taxi Portsmouth to London:

Taxi From Portsmouth To London

The route to London is pretty straight, and the total distance is around 73mi via the M3 route – should take you 2 hour in commute if the traffic conditions are normal.

Hiring a taxi from Portsmouth to London can potentially save you half an hour in travelling as an experienced driver will use the combination of A3 and M25 routes to avoid traffic and get there fast.

You Can Easily Get A Portsmouth Taxi to The Airport:

Going to the airport is now easier than ever with the Portsmouth taxi airport service. You will not have to wait for a ridesharing service to arrive – which can sometimes take longer, putting you at the risk of missing the flight.

With top-rated airport taxi services in Portsmouth like Zipcab, you can book a ride in advance and have the driver arrive at your location exactly when you want. Here are some of the common airport taxi services:

  • Taxi Portsmouth to Stansted airport
  • Taxi from Portsmouth to Southampton airport
  • Taxi Portsmouth to Gatwick airport
  • Taxi from Portsmouth to Heathrow airport
  • Taxi from Portsmouth to London city airport
  • Taxi from Portsmouth to Bournemouth Airport

No matter where the airport you want to go to from Portsmouth is located – if there’s a road leading to it; you’ll find a taxi for it.

Things to Remember When Hiring Portsmouth Taxi Companies:

When booking a Portsmouth taxi service, there are many factors to consider but to keep things short; we’ll discuss the three most important ones below:

Transparent Pricing:

The pricing is the most important and perhaps the main reason you’re going for a taxi in Portsmouth UK instead of ridesharing. So, make sure to get the pricing finalized upfront. Yes, a slight chance is possible depending on the stops you make during the journey or what the traffic/weather conditions are.

However, with our fixed price booking service you will never have any hidden fees at the end of your trip, please contact us for any quotations you require. Also, if you are wondering how much to tip a taxi driver in the UK please view our detailed blog post.

Ease of Booking:

This is the most crucial part of booking a local taxi in Portsmouth. You do not want to keep going back and forth with the driver regarding the drop-off address and other nitty-gritty of the process. Instead of dealing with the drivers directly, go for a company that has a mobile app or at least a website.

Book the ride from there by entering all the details and getting an estimated fare. That’s the most convenient and time-saving way.

Convenience & Safety:

Before booking a Portsmouth taxi service from the company’s website or mobile app, make sure to check for the fleet they have and the exact car they’ll send for you. You’d want to travel in a luxurious and comfortable car as your commute can take several minutes to hours.

Furthermore, see if they’re following the common SOPs for COVID19 like disinfecting car after every ride, use of mask/gloves, and sanitizers. This information can be found on the company’s website; if you cannot see it, ask about it on call – your safety is more important.

Let Zipcab get you moving – With Safety & Speed:

Zipcab has been offering Portsmouth taxi service for several years, not even once a customer complained about our professionalism. Yes, a few hiccups are always there – you cannot keep everyone happy, but 99% of the time, we’ve received excellent remarks about the service.

We’ve got professionals that are true driving savants. They’ll get you to and from your desired location with maximum safety and convenience.

So whether you need someone to pick you up from a port, airport, or any other place within Portsmouth or its surrounding areas, feel free to give us a call or use our mobile app.

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